Why we use Organic Flour

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Using organic flour is a personal preference. I'm quite environmentally conscious and generally make a fair amount of gluten free products both at home and for Celebrity Cakes. So when my customers are wanting a soft gluten containing flour for their sponge cakes, my preference is for organic. What makes organic flour actually “organic” is how it is produced. It must be certified to meet certain standards, must be free of artificial food additives as well as being grown without synthetic pesticides. We buy our flour from Greens Windmill in Sneinton, Nottingham. Green's Windmill is run by volunteers and opens Wednesday's to Sunday. The only downside to buying from a real windmill in that when there is no wind, they can't produce flour. The long hot summer we have just had was especially hard. We were down to our last three kilos and wishing for a little wind! We think that their organic flour tastes better, but we'll let you decide!

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