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Flavours and Ingredients

A lot of thought, skill and attention is put into how we make all of our confections, cakes and fillings so that every element of your order is handmade from scratch. From the fruit compote fillings to the buttery caramels and curds. We are award-winning because of our passion for this and our ethos on how we source our ingredients and make our cakes and confections. We work with ingredient producers that are more and more becoming aware of this. For instance, our Finest Belgian Chocolate is made with 100% sustainable cocoa which is fully traceable and supports the communities who grow the beans.


Tina's commitment to concentrating on the gluten-free side of the business by providing exceptional service and flavour for our gluten-intolerant clients is due to it still being an area that is often lacking. Our none gluten-intolerant clients can be assured that our gluten-free cakes are so good that your guests simply can't tell. So if you like our style and approach then have confidence that you will be well cared for. We specialise in gluten-free wedding cakes and gluten-free celebration cakes and confections for all occasions. We make our own exceptional blend of gluten-free flour for superb performance. You can read about our credentials here


The Classics

Madagascan Vanilla with Summer Berries

Gluten-free Vanilla bean sponge moistened with vanilla syrup and filled with our smooth signature Vanilla Buttercream and a Strawberry, Blackberry, Redcurrant, Blackcurranty, Blueberry and Raspberry freshly made fruit reduction.

Madagascan Vanilla with Forest Fruits

Gluten-free Vanilla bean sponge moistened with vanilla syrup and filled with our smooth signature Vanilla Buttercream and a Blackberry, Blackcurrant and Morello Cherry freshly made fruit reduction.

Luscious Lemon

Gluten-free Layers of lemon sponge are made with the zest and juice of Spanish lemons, drizzled with lemon syrup and sandwiched together with our smooth signature Madagascan Vanilla Buttercream and our tart lemon curd.

Red Velvet

These classic cake layers are adaptend to suit our beautiful gluten-free sponges and filled with our signature buttencream.

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Victoria Strawberry

This is our only exception to not using pre-bought preserves. Added during the second lockdown for our local deliveries of children's birthday cakes. Little mouths aren't always familiar with tart fruit compotes to balance out the sweetness, so here we fill our light and fluffy gluten-free vanilla bean sponge with our signature Buttercream and luxury Strawberry preserve.

Belgian Chocolate

For the serious chocolate lover, a rich dark chocolate gluten-free cake made with melted Belgian dark chocolate. Filled with your choice of Belgian chocolate buttercream or Belgian chocolate ganache

Elderflower with Lemon

Pure homemade elderflower syrup drizzled gluten-free Lemon sponge cake layers filled with our signature smooth elderflower buttercream. 

Raspberry and White Chocolate

Made with fresh raspberries baked into the sponge layers. Gluten-free sponge layers are drizzled with vanilla syrup and filled with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream and a layer of white Belgian chocolate ganache. 


Belgian chocolate cake with a hint of espresso drizzled with handmade freshly ground bean to cup espresso coffee syrup and filled with alternate layers of milk chocolate espresso coffee ganache and our smooth signature Madagascan Vanilla Buttercream.

The Celebrities

Worcesterberry Kisses 

Decadent layer cake comprising of alternate layers of our gluten-free Belgian chocolate sponge and Madagascan Vanilla sponge. These layers are then filled with Worcesterberry compote which is made with hand-picked organic Nottinghamshire berries and our smooth signature Madagascan Vanilla Buttercream.

Milk Chocolate Orange with Cointreau

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Our descendant gluten-free Belgian Chocolate cake with the addition of Valencia orange zest and filled with Milk Chocolate Orange Ganache and fresh orange and Cointreau reduction make this an intense chocolate orange delight. 

Raspberry Chambord

Made with fresh raspberries baked into the sponge layers. Gluten-free sponge layers are then drizzled with vanilla syrup and filled with a raspberry and Chambord compote and our smooth signature Madagascan Vanilla Buttercream with a touch of Chambord. 

Caramel Delight

Layers of gluten-free brown sugar sponge layers filled with homemade caramel and our smooth signature Madagascan Vanilla Buttercream.

Amarena and Almond

Gluten-free Almond sponge and filled with Amarena Fabbri Wild Italian Cherries and our signature smooth buttercream. 

Chocolate Truffle Pecan

Toasted Pecans, Madagascan Vanilla Buttercream and our delightful handmade caramel accompanied with layers of our finest gluten-free Belgian chocolate sponge cake and finished in Belgian Chocolate Ganache.  Decadence on a plate.

Spiced Ginger 

Glorious stem ginger and unrefined fair trade sugars and spice. Our recommended paring is dark Belgian Chocolate Ganache and luxury Swiss icing to match your colour scheme. 

Grand Marnier soaked Rich Fruit Cake

(requires 6 weeks notice)

Our delicious Grand Marnier Cognac infused fruit cake is full of zest, Grand Marnier soaked dried fruit, cherries and almonds and finished with a layer of almond paste and luxury icing.  


Tina’s favourite cocktail turned into a cake - How could we not?

Orange infused gluten-free butter cake studded with Cointreau infused cranberries and Layered with our signature smooth Orange and Cointreau buttercream 

Coconut, Lime and White Chocolate

Coconut and zesty lime infused gluten-free butter cake, drizzled with Malibu and lime syrup, layered with homemade lime curd and white chocolate coconut ganache.

Almond, Pistachio and Apricot

Gluten-free Almond sponge filled with alternate layers of Pistachio and Apricot signature smooth buttercream and our homemade Apricot compote. 

We also design dessert tables, wedding favours, wedding cake alternatives and a whole host of cake and treats for all occasions. We love to help our clients with special dietary requirements. Please ask for further information at your consultation or get in touch to find out more
It is our absolute pleasure to serve you.