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Flavour in the Spotlight

I'm not sure if you have ever found the 'Flavour in the spotlight' feature on the website. If not, take a look at the cake flavours page. During the first week of every month there will be a little update. Sometimes there is a mention to what I've been up to. This month, there is an update to what's happening here at Celebrity Cakes. Here's the post in a nutshell:-

November starts with the launch of my Christmas gifts and hampers. I'm working on the photography at the moment and making last minute decisions to which flavours of truffle cake bites I will be offering. So, for this months flavour in the spotlight, I've picked Chocolate Orange Valencia with Cointreau as this client favourite will undoubtedly feature as a cake truffle among some other little tipples!

If you're reading this page and thinking about wedding cake flavours, consider this as one of your tiers. No matter the size of cake from small intimate one tier cakes to elaborate seven tiers, our wedding cakes are just perfection on a plate, ready to delight those guests that have been waiting all day to share this special moment with you. The moment when you cut that cake together and celebrate your first official job as a married couple.

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