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Meet Tina

Tina Baird Director, Artisan Baker and Sugar Artist Celebrity Cakes Ltd.

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Introducing Tina Baird: Passionate Cake Artist & Celebrity Cakes Founder - Crafting Gourmet Masterpieces with Responsibly Sourced Ingredients and a Love for Edible Art

Tina Baird, the visionary behind Celebrity Cakes, is a talented sugar artist dedicated to creating gourmet cakes that delight the senses. Tina's passion for the sweet life and commitment to using premium, responsibly sourced ingredients have set Celebrity Cakes apart in the world of confectionery. With a focus on natural flavours from fruits and ingredients instead of artificial additives, her creations embody the essence of exceptional taste and artistry.

With over twenty-eight years of baking experience, Tina's baking journey began when her daughter was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Her venture into sugar art in 2011 served as both stress relief and a creative outlet, eventually leading her to leave her NHS career and pursue her edible art passion full-time. Tina has honed her gluten-free expertise through accredited training by Coeliac UK.

As the driving force behind Celebrity Cakes, Tina takes pride in providing excellent customer service by accepting a limited number of exclusive wedding cake bookings each year. Her dedication to quality has earned her numerous accolades, including Confectioner Extraordinaire at the North Notts Food and Drinks Awards and being a finalist for Wedding Cake Designer of the Year for the East Midlands at The Wedding Industry Awards. Additionally, she has been featured as Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine's exclusive wedding cake designer for Nottinghamshire and is the preferred supplier for many of the region's luxury wedding venues.

We invite you to explore Tina Baird's enchanting sugar kingdom, where you'll find stunning galleries of cake art and confections crafted with love, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Water Colour painting of orange cosmos flowers
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