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My thoughts on reaching the finals of the North Notts Food and Drinks Awards 2019

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

When I created Celebrity Cakes I didn't feel that I would ever be confident enough to send in an entry for an award. I always felt like the new kid on the block and that there was always someone better than me. That's feeling is not too bad now actually, as it keeps you on your toes, striving to do the best that you can. I was always a bit concerned that the 'designer of the year' type awards would always focus on style and that left me wondering about taste? I went to quite a lot of weddings last year and whilst the designs were gorgeous, the taste on a number of those cakes was indeed lacking.

One day towards the back end of July, I received a telephone call from Made Lifestyle Magazine totally out of the blue, to tell me that a few of my customers had nominated me for Confectioner Extraordinaire at the North Notts Food and Drinks Awards 2019. All I had to do was fill in and send some forms to them and then wait for judging. I was also asked to enter another category but, after looking at the forms, they were so detailed I felt that I should use my time wisely, take a risk and only enter #CONFECTIONEREXTRAORDINAIRE the category that I had been nominated for by my clients.

There were five questions on the form, such as, describing the products, its history. (ie ingredients, skills, manufacturing process, how it was made and sourced. The judges especially wanted to know if the products are sourced in an ethical and sustainable way. I was asked about key goals and successes achieved. The biggest challenges and how I have you managed them and the worse one for me, Why do you think you should you win?

If I was to win an award, I would like it to be this one due to the ethos behind the award and I feel

that I genuinely owe my customers that nominated me for Confectioner Extraodinaire to at least give it a try. I am thrilled and flattered that my efforts have been recognised. I go to great lengths to source ingredients that are as natural and as fresh as possible and I feel my products are better by supporting other local producers.

I'm really pleased and honoured to announce that Celebrity Cakes along with La Parisienne and Oski’s are through to the finals. The awards will highlight the best North Notts has to offer, focusing on all of the individuals and groups who contribute to our marvellous local cuisine scene. Winners will be announced at a dazzling award ceremony on 25 October at the fabulous grand hall at Worksop College. There's a link on the home page whilst tickets are still on sale.

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