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Christmas gifts and hampers launch

Okay, so this year, I made what I think is a bit of a bold move. I was doing some research around the internet for Christmas hampers that are gluten free. It’s always nice to have a look to see what's available, just in case something new and amazing has hit the market. As per usual, they resemble something you'd find in a chemist shop. All vacuum packed and lack lustre. I know you know what I mean!

Christmas isn't Christmas without a hamper, so I usually make my daughter one, which we all end up sharing and enjoying. So here's the bold move bit... I said to my family, 'Do you think I should offer only gluten free this Christmas?' I got a couple of astounded looks and comments like, 'Just get on with it' and 'Mum that would be amazing, you totally should do just gluten free.'

For clients worried about gluten free not tasting great? Well, don't be, our taste testers and previous clients haven’t noticed at all. Some were shocked when they were told. As we say, it's gluten free, but not as you know it!

So the vine fruits are having a 48 hour soak in Grand Marnier which means that I can start baking this week. That’s perfect timing for a luxury fruit cake. They will have the marzipan and icing layer put on them in December just before posting. When they are sat on my clients Christmas tables or sideboards on the 23rd December, the internal fruit cake bit will be exactly 6 weeks old! Which is just right for a mature luxury fruit cake.

Over on the gifts and hamper page of the website, there are two sizes of Christmas cake plus gifts and hampers. There’s only four of us in my family, but we’ll still be having the larger 8 inch cake. Before the New Year, it will all be gone and there will be many a comment and complaint about never having enough. The ‘Luxury Christmas Cake’ will be available to buy separately and in the main Christmas hamper.

It’s not on the website yet, but available to pre-order will be a buttercream finished reindeer cake. Unfortunately, it’s too fragile to post, so this will be available locally for collection by appointment or delivery to NG18 and NG19 around the 22nd or 23rd December.

For gifts and hampers, either to treat yourself or send to a loved one. There is a letterbox gift set, a Luxury Christmas fruit cake (as above), a DIY Gingerbread house making kit (that involves no baking) and our Perfect gluten free Christmas Hamper.

We hope that our clients old and new will appreciate our boldness in a limited market and can see that the magic of a Christmas gift, cake or hamper from Celebrity Cakes shows our absolute love of making beautiful handmade confections and our utmost care and attention to detail. Thank you for continuing to support our little sugar kingdom and we hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe Christmas 2020.

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