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So how much will it cost?

For celebrations, birthdays and gift boxes, scroll down for prices. For wedding cakes we've put our starting prices and frequently asked questions towards the bottom of this page.


Birthdays, Celebrations and Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes (also known as Graze boxes) are the perfect pick n mix option if you fancy an alternative to a big cake or cupcake bouquet. We have lots of options so choose, plus seasonal selection boxes. 

• Graze boxes are £35 you get up to eight main items plus additional 'graze' treats (sweets, truffles, fruit etc.)

• Classic cupcakes with Buttercream swirls with sprinkles and optional metallic splatter £25 for 12

• Fancy cupcakes with a mix of different piping techniques, handmade details and toppers from £38 for 12

• Floral Cupcakes with hand piped buttercream flowers from £40 for 12 

• Geometric cake hearts or cakesicles £4 each (minimum order 6)

• Cake slices are  £3.50 each (minimum order of 6)

• Decorated Cookies from £3.50 each (minimum order 6)

• Letterbox treat boxes £15

*All of our Gift boxes are beautifully packaged and tied with a ribbon, making them the perfect gift. Even if it’s a gift to yourself! - Gluten-free at no extra cost.

Celebration cakes - Gluten-free at no additional cost - of course!

We offer a variety of different cakes to suit any celebration whether you want a fully dressed cake covered in Belgian chocolate ganache and luxury icing with sugar flowers or a fun, stripy buttercream cake or drip cake. All cakes are individually priced based on size and design. Here are some guide prices to help give you an idea.


Buttercream/drip cakes

•  Number cakes from £70 for single-digit - Sweet, Elegant, Unicorn, Mermaid etc 1,2,3,4 etc.

•  Number cakes from £120 for double digits - Sweet, Elegant, Unicorn, Mermaid etc 10, 16, 18, 40, 50 etc.

•  Signature buttercream hydrangea cake with 4 layers £60 (to serve 14 to 28 portions)

•  6 inch extra deep buttercream cake from £75 (to serve 14 to 28 portions)

•  6 inch extra deep striped buttercream design from £85 (to serve 14 to 28 portions)

•  Fault-line cakes from £90 (to serve 14 to 28 portions)

Please note, acrylic cake toppers are usually around £10 extra. Any fresh/artificial flowers are also at an extra charge. Other sizes of cake are available.

Fondant cakes - covered in Belgian white chocolate ganache before being iced in luxury icing.

•  Single Tier - These start at £100 for single-tier with fairly simple decoration. smaller cakes on request.

•  2 Tier - These start at £165 with fairly simple decoration. 

•  Carved 3D cakes are from £150

Please note, acrylic cake toppers are usually around £10 extra. Any fresh/artificial/sugar flowers and advanced handmade decorations are also at an extra charge.

Choose from Victoria Strawberry, Madagascan Vanilla with mixed berry compote, Luscious Lemon or Toffee and Caramel Delight. You can read a description of all of our flavours and view our full range here


Cupcake Bouquets for any occasion - flowers and colours of your choice 

7 cupcakes from £29.99
12 cupcakes from £44.99
19 cupcakes from £64.99
24 cupcakes from £74.99
30 cupcakes from £89.99

Dessert Table Treats for Parties and Weddings

Cake Pops from £2.75

Rose Cake Pops £3.99

Macarons – £45 per batch of 20

Classic Cupcakes - £25 for 12

Fancy cupcakes from £38 for 12

Floral Cupcakes from £3.50 to £6.00 each

Mini Cupcakes from £44 batch of 24
Decorated Cookies from £2.50 each per batch 12
Mini Desserts from £2.50 each

Tres Leches from £3.50

Decorated Bundt Cakes £35

Platters of mini Confections from £45

Hand Piped chocolates (pictured) from £2.75 each

Meringue Kisses – £40 per batch

Cake Hearts or Cakesicles – £4 each (50p extra for Unicorns)

Mini Cakes from £15 each

Individual Cupcake boxes with a bow to match your colour scheme £2 each

Plus Lots more bespoke confections to match your colours or theme - please enquire for details

Wedding Cakes and Favours

Here at Celebrity Cakes, we understand what a minefield cake pricing is. As an award-winning speciality cake design studio, we help couples realise their vision for the wedding of their dreams. Tina is passionate about her made from scratch cakes and confections and is delighted to design and make wedding cakes, dessert tables, and confections and specialises in gluten-free. All products are handcrafted using the finest natural responsibly sourced and hand picked ingredients.


If you would like a firm price which is fixed, then book a consultation which you can make via our wedding and Events page. Prices below for two of our portfolio cakes and include delivery within our catchment area. Further afield will incur a reasonable additional mileage charge. Please supply your venue postcode and date when making an enquiry. 

Wedding Cake - Buttercream finished (December to March only)

Single tier wedding cakes - price on application.

2 tier cakes start from £225 for 80 portions smaller tier combinations are available for fewer guests - please just ask. For larger cakes price on application.

Wedding Cake - Luxury iced with Belgian chocolate ganache under for those beautiful sharp edges - Choose from two popular portfolio designs in classic flavour combinations

2 tier cakes start from £275 for 80 portions smaller tier combinations for intimate weddings - please just ask

3 tier cakes start from £370 for 92 portions or £420 for 114 portions or £470 for 156 portions

4 tier cakes start from £485 for 110 portions or £565 for 168 portions or £615 for 203 portions 

5 tier cakes start from £680 for 186 portions or £810 for 279 portions

6 tier cakes and above start from £760

New - Abstract, Monolith and cantilevered prices from £600 for 160 portions or £710 for 189 portions  

Kitchen cakes to add extra portions and faux tiers to add drama - Price on request.  Other sizes and alternative height and widths - Price on request.

Wedding Cake - covered in Italian Rolled Chocolate are also available - Price on request


Wedding Favours - See dessert table treats above or for a more luxurious touch have your favours individually wrapped or boxed and tied with a pretty ribbon.

Cake Pops from £3.50 wrapped and tied with ribbon

Decorated Cookies from £2.50 - £6.00 each depending amount of decoration 

Cupcakes – £3.00 - £6.50 depending on the design. The cost of individual boxes are extra

Duo box of chocolates from £4.25 with brooch and ribbon decorations

Individual Cupcake boxes with a bow to match your colour scheme £2 each

Bespoke favours - talk to us about your theme and we'll create something especially for you. 

See our Cake Menu

Handmade chocolate wedding gifts

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions we are often asked.


Q: Why did you decide to concentrate mainly on weddings, gifts and dessert table confections?  

A: At the very start of building Celebrity Cakes, Tina became aware of the increasingly common practice within the industry to use cake mixes, pre-bought cakes, pre-made fillings and sugar flowers and then the decorator inflating the price just because it was a wedding cake or special event. Tina was concerned with this practice and felt that due to their price, wedding cakes especially should be gourmet both inside and out. Tina makes every single element herself, she provides a bespoke service, even picking berries and flowers for some flavours and makes all the sugar flowers herself by hand. Wedding cakes and confections were the perfect match for Tina's naturally elegant and floral style and the way that she bakes and creates confections. So in addition to the outside looking beautiful, the inside is baked from scratch and not filled with overly sweet jams or flavourings from a bottle. Real ingredients will shine through. Because of this, our pricing is based on the ingredients cost, plus the cost of labour from the same pricing matrix regardless of if you order a dessert buttercream cake or a wedding cake. Due to the level of service. Celebrity Cakes only offer a limited number of slots each year and are often fully booked. 


Q: How soon should I order a cake?

A: We would advise that you let us know as soon as you have the date for your event and for weddings, as soon as you have your venue booked. Please be aware that the dates between April and September fill up extremely quickly. During the wedding season we reduce the number of other products we make available for ordering on our website simply because wedding cakes take a lot of time. Please don't be afraid to ask if your date is available we have made cupcake bouquets and confections with only three days notice, so please feel free to get in touch and check your date. For orders with more than 9 months notice we offer a 'Save the date' booking fee of £150 which will be deducted from your final invoice.


Q: My event is outdoors, do I need to mention when ordering?

A: Yes. Some cake styles are tricky outdoors, please let us know in advance about this or any other special arrangements where your cake will be displayed or stored.


Q: Will delivery of the cake be needed?

A: We always try to deliver a stacked cake ourselves as they are fragile. We cover Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, the Midlands and Nationwide by appointment only. Tina's cakes have been to Northamptonshire and Scotland and we often have couples travelling from London for Tina's renowned creations. We will always aim to meet the requirements of our clients. Our delivery and set up is subject to nominal mileage delivery prices.


Q: Can I collect my cake?

A: Absolutely! We prefer to deliver and set up ourselves but sometimes our clients are budget conscious or are from many miles away. If you are collecting the cake yourself, we will agree on a pickup appointment and will include internal construction, care instructions and sturdy packaging for your edible work of art. Our cakes have travelled the length and breath of the UK and have gone as far as Scotland with a client without a hitch!


Q: How many guests will the cake serve?

A: There are many variations and how to achieve the correct number of portions and certainly more options than going for the traditional three-tier cake. We are happy to help with your enquiry and budget and can offer shallow height tiers and kitchen cakes to help with your budget. Please get in touch.


Q: How much is a three-tier cake?

A: There are a few prices above so check those out. First, let's question that 3 tier cake thought process.  Most couples seem to think they have to have a tree tier wedding cake. This is quite traditional and not at all true, there are so many more effective ways to meet budget and guest count figures. Although it is a matter of personal taste and individual style, the number of tiers required is often influenced by the number of guests. We can add faux tiers for drama and kitchen cakes for portion control. There are many size combinations available including different heights and widths of tiers and the type of finish from Buttercream, to luxurious Belgian chocolate ganache and icing. All these factors will change the price. A tiered wedding cake can cost a couple of hundred pounds to over a thousand pounds, depending on the number of portions and the amount of time taken to decorate it. Table dressing and complimentary confections can also be added. Pre Designed wedding cakes from our portfolio are priced above. Save your date or book a consultation with Tina and enjoy simplifying the process of a bespoke design and then with a glass of Prosecco, tea or coffee in hand she will ensure that the cake or confections designed matches your vision for your perfect day. She has excellent skills in designing wedding cakes and wedding cake alternatives to meet strict budgets, so let us know. Book your Consultation here. Alternatively our save the date solution is useful for getting booked in with us to protect your slot and then designing and consulting later.

Q: What flavours are available for my cake?

A: We have 18 flavours including 18 gluten free flavours and are always adding when we come across new inspiration. In 2017 we added Worcesterberry Kisses which has proved to be really popular as its not too sweet and in 2018 we made a glorious Sticky Ginger cake after a groom requested it. It showcased at Rushton Hall in Northamptonshire to rave reviews! We also make a whole host of wedding and party favours, dessert table confections and of course cupcakes and cupcake bouquets for those looking for something a little different. 


Q: Can we meet you and taste some cake and confections?

Of course that's the best part! We offer appointments including online appointments throughout the week all year round and a few Saturday appointments. Book early to avoid disappointment if you need a Saturday slot as as there are limited to one-half day each month outside of busy wedding season. You can view Tina's schedule and book your own appointment here. or visit the consultations page for more information.


Q: What if my guests have special dietary requirements?

A: We pride ourselves in specialising in gluten-free and offer many options. Our clients are our number one priority, so please be sure to advise us of any special requirements well in advance and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you and your guests. For all wedding cake bookings over £400, we supply your gluten intolerant guests with their very own gluten-free cake with our compliments. This demonstrates our passion for gluten-free and belief that all of your guests should be able to experience the joy of a well-made gourmet cake at your wedding or special event. For other dietary requirements, please just ask, we are one of a very few number of suppliers that will cater for nut free for instance, within certain limitations which we discuss at your consultation.


Q: My day has an important theme, can you support this?

A: Of course! All our clients are encouraged to think about their mood board of ideas. This can be special colours, fabric swatches, ribbons or laces. Design details from the bridal gown, wedding or party invitations. We love getting to know our clients and sometimes add a subtle nod to a hobby to ensure a design that meets expectations.


Q: There's so much choice when it comes to wedding cakes, we don't know where to start. Can you help us?

A: Don't worry, we get this a lot, often our clients arrive at a consultation with no definite vision for a cake. Tina works with you to build a cake vision that fits your style as a couple and budget considerations. We have many dessert table and wedding cake alternatives. We're only too happy to help.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We can accept bank transfer, Paypal, Credit and Debit cards. Once booked with us, all clients have a personalised client area where invoices can securely be viewed and payments can be made in part or in full. There is a pre-payment option available at no extra cost.